Ahlan wa Sahlan – اهلا وسهلا

Anna Bukhari (انا بخاري) is an Arabist (Ma @ Leiden University 2006), researcher and freelance reporter (text & images) specialized in Yemen, the Middle East and the Islamic world. If not travelling Eastward, she is based in the Netherlands, working as an architect. Currently she is working on a book about Yemen.

'I love telling stories. With words, with images, with both. I love diving into the unknown and observe, listen, smell, photograph, interview, research, describe, read and discover until a story emerges. With my stories I want to share my experiences and make people to reconsider things they always thought being obvious and true.'

Email: info@annabukhari.nl

Mobile NL: 0031-6-12240336

Work: 0031-15-2158281